The good,the bad,the acrobat

Cassiopeia - a sim for Ladysimaholic’s Bachelor challenge 

Here’s my somewhat attempt at a SciFi themed sim,and uh..Well,I tried.Besides,SciFi isn’t always high-tech or purple skin,right? Sometimes there’s a third eye involved too :V

Idk about a backstory for this sim,because everytime I’m thinking about something alien/SciFi related,there’s always the same thing popping in my head: a princess from some deserted planet,lol.Yeah,I’m into fetishes like that apparently,huehuehue //chokes

Anyway,if Ladysimaholic is willing to accept such a backstory UvU;; I’m so sorry,love,I deserve punishment for my lack of imagination.

Open for public download,so everyone can grab and run.Let’s wish Cassi much much luck with the Bachelor challenge first,though //sob.I hope she is indeed as lucky as her trait suggests and manages to win that hot mama Gylan’s heart!

The download link is below,.sim file and almost all CC included inside~

Not included: Eyelashes by S-club,sliders,and the formal dress

EDIT: A BIG thank you to Nitemisims for finding the link to the dress! <33 Download it here


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