The good,the bad,the acrobat

Um.You may skip this,I’m just pondering.


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The Kyodo Dojo in Pontocho.I built this in mind for Irrian for when he grows up - it’s too bad there isn’t a career based on archery-I really love it ;_;

Tristan’s birthday! 

Kosuzu bakery,where Dorbe works part-time

Anonymous: Hi! I love everything about your tumblr, everything. I was just wondering if you merge your cc? I have soo much and it's making my game unplayable! Thank you xx 

I used to merge my cc,and I still have some packages merged that I didn’t keep copies of and can’t find anywhere- but now I don’t.I keep everything organized and take out the necessary folder for a save - for example,for my legacy save I have a folder full of japanese cc,and I take it out every time I play another save. :3

But it’s true- lots of cc that aren’t merge considerably slow your game down.So if you can - merge your files,but keep a folder with copies of all your original files in case you need to merge them with something else. 

For the nonnie that wanted Dorbe - Download .sim + CC

I didn’t include any clothes,so you can dress her as you want.Also,as usual,no rules - do whatever you want with her 

Fratre Gilscarbo - a sim for Edwardsimblrhands’ Dudu Bachelorette Challenge!

If you think you might have heard the Gilscarbo name somewhere- you aren’t wrong! The Gilscarbo family name is widely known in Monte Vista,and Fratre’s father - Guppi,who managed to return back after a devastating shipwreck - is known now as a famous cook! Unfortunately,Fratre didn’t share his passion for cooking,and with the wild evolution of bots,he chose to focus on technology instead.He dreamed about creating his own bot,and pursued this dream by attending the Sims University - that’s precisely where he met Dudu,a young,energetic girl from St.Claire who was studying Magic there.But because of his intense studying and her energetic nature,he never actually got the chance to ask her out,not once! After graduation,Fratre decided to visit St.Claire and win the heart of the girl he liked for so many years~ 


Dorbe’s got a new look - her hair grew a bit and she turned from tomboyish to suddenly kinda cute (♡゚▽゚♡) A new Bakery opened not far away from her house,and she now works there part-time after school~


Do you have what it takes to capture the heart of the most eligible bachelor of the year? Born into a family of old money, Vincent has everything and yet no one to share it with. Are you a Lady Goth material?

Bride of Van Goth kicks off this Spring on Romantic Rendezvous. Find out more at if you could qualify to be on the running for the one and only, Bride of Van Goth.

The search begins!


Cassiopeia by shambalasims3 | Elyssa Bee by shanni-bo-banni | Persephone by noviebird | Danielle May by joes-stuff | aikea-guinea's simself | Eii Risa by me

LDR Inspired Poses by potentissimum | It’s Good to be King by monolith-sims | Victoria Secret poses by eadan

Vincent’s Wardrobe:
Sebastian suit by kewai-dou
Music Intro: I Got the Girl by Bon Jovi (Crush)