The good,the bad,the acrobat
Anonymous: where did you get that ninja mask?? 

It’s a white dust protective cloth from  Icebox (Creations - Categories - Accessory-click the first image with a pink dress with white apron - scroll down a bit )


Anonymous: Would you please put Altai Naya for download i love her shes too cute only if you don't mind 

Thank you! <3 Here’s a version I uploaded when I sent her to Sorbesque - she’s a teen in the file,but I hope it won’t be a problem :3

Download Altai Naya

Anonymous: Your world is so beautiful. Did you create all the houses/ buildings yourself? Do you have any suggestions on how to go about creating a world like this? Cc sites you use often? I'm fairly new at sims but would love to do something like yours. It's so inspiring. ;n; 

Thank you! <3 I created most of the houses,except for my legacy house and a few starter houses.I downloaded an empty small world some starter houses I found by searching google,and turned them into japanese looking houses with some basic cc.And there’s a japanese items masterlist page right here for you to look into,maybe :3  Hood decoration buildings are a big help when you don’t feel like building everything in your town (like noiranddarksims’ edo buildings and japanese hood houses).And..the most important is to keep yourself inspired and have patience,I guess :’D 

I’m currently gathering the cc I used for my world to be able to put it for download,but I still think building your own world is much more fun and makes you want to play the game a lot :’)

Logging on tumblr today






toby, age 6 & gra’ma lynn ~ baking lessons



OM!!! I LOVE THIS!!! l3l

omg soooo adorable<3


This should have a million notes and reblogs - just how cute could something be! I am crying ; _____________ ; I mean look at all those carefully picked out decor,and Toby being the most adorable sim ever and adkfjksgjhg // cannot

There’s some fishy business going on at the bakery,I’m sure 

Irrian had a pajama party with his two cousins,the paper boy and Zeek


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Anonymous: Hey, I just wondered if you could help me. Where can I find some chinese/japanese writing posters (i have absolutely no idea how to call them)? By the way your sims and houses and everything is gorgeous :) 

Thank you! <3 Sorry for the late reply,but here’s what I could find:


Anonymous: Do you speak russian? 

Yes,it’s the second language spoken in my country :)