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I’m still alive,I swear :Y


Hey,friends! If you’re still watching this blog,I’d like to mention that I’m leaving today for Italy,to work on a cruise liner as a musician for 6 months,and so I don’t know the internet situation there,so this might -MIGHT -be a hiatus,but I’m hoping for the best.I’ll still be playing,and I’m starting the Little Witch Academia today,even if I don’t have all the sims yet,sorry! ╮(╯_╰)╭ So,that’t it for now! Bye bye! ヽ(^。^)ノ

Tristan can’t stand the sight of his ghost father in law ; _ ;


the goodson twins; abbie was born a witch with the famous green skin from her father’s side of the family while emelie was born human like her mother, and not very green at all.  despite their major differences the two are very close.  abbie’s off to little witch academia while emelie might settle in a nearby town to be close to her sister

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And Little Witch Academia extras

Month’s extras part 2

Month’s extras part 1

Throwing random stuff on Fratre and making him a bartender 


·Freya Blackburn·

Good | Insane | Clumsy | Bookworm | Good sense of humor 

It is said that in the Blackburn family, every five generations, a specially powerful witch or wizard is born. Unfortunately, Freya didn’t turn out to be what everyone expected - she’s a mediocre witch at best. Her spells aren’t the strongest, her potions always lack some ingredient, and she has lost count of all the accidents she’s caused while riding her broom.

But unlike anyone else before her, she has a rather unique talent: she constantly hears voices in her head that tell her all about the future. This could make anyone else go insane, but her laid-back personality and good sense of humor eventually helped her win the favor of the voices, and now she has more control over them.

Her family has made her work on her “skills”, and now she’s enrolling in the Academia to major in Fortune Telling so she can make a living off them. But maybe she has other plans…